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Medicare and the Pursuit of Health

Medicare what about it?

The Medicare program is designed to not only provide medical treatment to heal injuries and diseases but also to provide preventive care. Medicare provides a free-no cost – physical exam within the first 12 months after enrolling in Part B. After the first year the medigap policy (Medicare supplement) and Medicare advantage plan (Part C) provide a cost free wellness exam once each calendar year. Note there is government assistance to pay or help pay the premium for a medigap policy for those with limited incomes. This also applies to Part D, the prescription drug plan, to be discussed later.
Many seniors are concerned that the Federal Government will reduce the fees paid to the doctors and hospitals. If this were to occur as rumored in 2014, many doctors would have refused to treat Medicare patients. It did not happen and it appears that we Medicare recipients are safe for now.
Congress is taking some action to implement “Means Testing” in the future – maybe in 2018. Means testing merely means that the wealthier among us will pay more for their treatments. Means testing is already applied to the Part B premium and Part D (RX plan) premium.
Whether you agree with means testing or not, it is the Federal Governments way to reduce the increasing cost of Medicare. By doing so the Medicare program can continue to provide care for those who need it most.
To summarize: Medicare as we know it now is not real cause for worry and should be with us and for us and for those turning 65 for years to come. There will probably be with some increase in cost to those who are determined to be able to pay more.