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Obamacare – March 15th 2015 there will begin an special enrollment period for certain eligible persons

 Beginning on March 15th 2015 there will begin an special enrollment period for certain eligible persons. This extra enrollment period will end on April 30,2015. The additional special enrollment period is being provided to give individuals who are subject to the tax penalties an opportunity to reduce their liability. Requirements for eligibility include:
1) no enrollment through the Health insurance marketplace in 2015
2) you have filed your tax return for 2014 and paid the penalty for not having qualified health insurance in
    2014 and
3) attest that you where confused with the details and time frames or did not know of the 2015 open enrollment
Confusion about the new health care laws are still wide spread. The new special enrollment period is to be a source to provide clarity. But there is no intention of duplicating this specific  special enrollment in the future.  Feel free to call us for more details and assistance.