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Supplemental Insurance

supplemental_insurance_page_photoSupplemental insurance coverage is something that is overlooked on many occasions. We at Simerly-Ayers Insurance Group, Inc. provide group supplemental coverage as well as individual coverage. We are able to do accident plans, cancer plans, dreaded disease plans, intensive care plans, hospital indemnity plans. Get a FREE Quote Now!

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Our Medicare Supplement insurance policies are not connected with or endorsed by the US Government or the Federal Medicare Program. These policies have limitations and exclusions. Medical Underwriting will apply to all BlueMedicare Supplement and BlueMedicare Supplement Select products unless the applicant is eligible for guaranteed issue.
Policy Numbers 30147-0111 SU / 30148-0111 SU / 30149-0111 SU / 30150-0111 SU / 30151-0111 SU / 30152-0111 SU / 30154-0111 SU / 30155-0111 SU / 30156-0111 SU / 30157-0111 SU / 30166-0111 SU / 30167-0111 SU / 30168-0111 SU / 30159-0111 SUThe amount of benefits provided depends upon the plan selected and the premium may vary with the amount of benefits selected if various plan options are shown.