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Insurance Plans

We at Simerly-Ayers Insurance Group, Inc. are able to write individual or group insurance – health, life, dental, disability. We write only Florida Blue individual plans.  However, we can write group insurance with any of the companies that are doing business in the Northwest Florida panhandle area. For the group insurance, your employer will normally select the plans that the employer wants to provide to the individuals and we as an agency provide to the employer the various plans that are available so that they can be compared for coverage and for premium. Our representatives meet directly with the company and provide a comprehensive comparison of the various plans that are available. We also provide a quick briefing to all the employees to explain all the plans that the employer is going to have in the organization and of course, provide the applications and enrollment documents necessary to have the company group plan instituted and the employees enrolled.Our goal at Simerly-Ayers Insurance Group, Inc. is to provide the employer sufficient information and comparison figures so that the employer will be able to make an intelligent decision as to which plan suits their company. We do all that is possible to provide the best coverage at the lowest possible price. Our agency is noted for the time we take to inform and educate the employers as well as the employees who are to be enrolled. Once the group has an insurance program, we are always ready to provide assistance in any way necessary and be present to service employees upon request.


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