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    Individual and family health insurance in today’s environment is something we all need. With the cost of medical treatment as it is today, one cannot afford to have any illness or injury unless they do have a good health insurance policy. We at Simerly-Ayers Insurance Group, Inc. pride ourselves on working with individuals and families to determine the most cost effective plan for them, a plan that provides quality coverage at an affordable price. We provide life insurance and health insurance in Ft Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, Navarre, Pensacola, Panama City and Crestview.  We are your local Blue Cross Blue Shield agent, contact us for Florida Blue Insurance.

    We have numerous plans to choose from and  happy to provide a free, no obligation quote and in depth discussion of the different facets of each insurance plan that might interest you. At Simerly-Ayers Insurance Group, Inc., your satisfaction is our primary goal and we look forward to assisting you in your search for quality and affordable health insurance.